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YouTube Video Removals

Safeguard your online presence by removing stolen, defamatory, and harmful videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms.

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YouTube Removals and Copyright Video Removals

We specialize in identifying and reporting stolen or harmful videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms to protect your online reputation.

  • Have your videos been stolen and uploaded without permission on YouTube, Vimeo or other video platforms?
  • Is there leaked sexual or private content damaging your personal or professional reputation?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then our YouTube removals and copyright video removals service is the perfect solution for you.

Whether the videos were stolen from your YouTube channel, social media, or website, are defamatory or harmful in nature, or have leaked your private and intimate content, we provide customized solutions to assist you.

Note: We provide video removal services to individuals, businesses, and content creators. Find out who has stolen or posted damaging content, monitor harmful videos, and work to get them removed or hidden online.

What Is YouTube Removals and Copyright Video Removals?

As a content creator, you invest significant time and effort into producing your videos, only to have them stolen and misused by others. This theft not only undermines your hard work but also poses severe challenges to your reputation and brand integrity.

When unauthorized or harmful videos appear online, the impact on your reputation can be severe and long-lasting.

Whether it’s a stolen video reposted without your consent or sensitive private content leaked online, removing such content promptly is crucial to prevent a reputation crisis and protect your brand image.

Unauthorized or harmful videos can inflict significant damage, often beyond the awareness of the person who uploaded them. Even years after posting, these videos can continue to negatively affect your personal or professional life.

For successful professionals, both personally and in business, maintaining a clean and reputable online presence is essential for career growth, client acquisition, and effective networking. It ensures that your brand remains untarnished and helps take your success to the next level.

Consider this: if someone unfamiliar with you did a quick YouTube search, what would they find? Would they see unauthorized or harmful videos that could hinder their trust in you or your business? It might even affect personal relationships or opportunities if misleading or damaging videos appear in search results.

It’s crucial to stay aware of the videos associated with your name or business across various platforms. People often search the internet to learn more about you before engaging in any form of interaction—be it professional or personal. Thus, it’s vital to track and manage video content about you online and take swift action against any unauthorized or harmful videos.

This is why we offer a comprehensive range of services to effectively manage your online video presence and remove damaging content.

We can help you to monitor mentions and new uploads about you or your company, remove and bury unauthorized or harmful videos found online.

At the end of every month, a report will be sent to you on the results of our findings.

Videos That Can Be Removed

For content creators who have their videos stolen or misused, these YouTube and Vimeo policies provide a framework for reporting and removing unauthorized content. Our services help navigate these policies to ensure prompt removal of infringing or harmful videos, thereby protecting your hard-earned reputation and creative efforts.

Our team is very familiar with YouTube and Vimeo removal policies, enabling us to assist in removing videos with a high success rate. We handle the complexities of the removal process, saving you time and effort. This expertise ensures that your unauthorized or harmful videos are dealt with promptly and effectively.


Hate Speech and Harassment


Violent or Graphic Content




Spam, Deceptive Practices, and Scams


Nudity and Sexual Content


Copyright Infringement


Child Safety


Regulated Goods and Services


Impersonation and Misleading Metadata


Educational, Documentary, Scientific, and Artistic (EDSA) Content

We Assist To Remove Videos From






Social Media Sites


and more!

We recommend having a discussion together to figure out your requirements and determine together what and where exactly we will be monitoring and removing for you, as everyone’s needs are unique. 

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