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Remove Leaked Content

We takedown your private videos, photos and other content that was leaked without your consent

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Remove Leaked Content Service

Takedown illegally shared photos or videos of you that was shared on the internet

leaked content online
  • Have you discovered leaked private and intimate photos, videos or other content of you on the internet?
  • Would you like to get these leaked content removed from the internet and/or Google?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this service is the perfect solution for you.

If you have been violated by the spread of these images or videos, we can stand up with you to take them down. We use multiple strategies for removing these content, and will combine them together to ensure that the impact is mitigated as quickly and effectively as possible.

Note: We are also able to provide content removal services to businesses and content creators so that you can remove stolen content that was published without your consent, or any other content online that negatively impacts your reputation.

How We Do It

Once we find out where your content has been leaked online, we can proceed to get them removed from the internet.

By using our various tried and tested strategies with high success rates, including issuing DMCA Takedown Notices, we will get your photos, videos and any other content that is leaked and negatively affects your reputation removed.

This is achieved by getting them removed from the website that it was published on, as well as from appearing on search engines such as Google.

Feel at ease as you will be working with a female agent from Leak Content Removal, with all relevant contracts in place to ensure your privacy.

At the end of every month, a report will be sent to you on the results of the takedowns.

We Takedown Leaked Content From




Google (Images)


Yandex (Images)


TinEye (Images)










Chat Apps

chat (1)

Chat Groups


Other Sites


and more!

We recommend having a discussion to figure out your exact requirements, as everyone’s needs are unique. It is best to get our Content Monitoring service together with the Leaked Content Removal service.

Leaked Content and Monitoring

gallery (1)







Instagram IDs


Facebook IDs


and more!

With our extensive content monitoring service, we monitor all types of content for you across the web, including finding out who has mentioned you, articles, blogs, forums, chat apps and more. Keywords monitored can be names, company names, file names, name of your content, or anything else.

Consultation & Advice

Would you like to speak to someone about your case? 

Or perhaps figure out how to takedown or monitor the content yourself?

Live chat with a female agent on revenge porn takedowns, DMCA notices and more. Includes counselling, personal advice, tips on what you can do to handle your situation.

Priced at USD$4.99 per minute.

You will need to sign up for an account with following this link. A pre-authorized payment will be required, though you will only be charged for the number of minutes used.

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