How To Remove A Google Review: Your Definitive Guide

In doing business, practicing what you love to do, your passions will determine the success of your entrepreneurial objectives. But undeniably, there are events that can put you down, such as reading negative and scathing reviews about your business or your products over the Internet. It is why you should always go about learning how to remove a Google review. We will take a look at the steps in this edition of our blog.

Taking good care of your business and making it grow is more than just minding your products and services or improving them. At times, this could also be about maintaining a good reputation online. Of course, you cannot avoid bad Google reviews when the customer is just being honest. Yet, there are guidelines you can follow to remove Google review that’s inaccurate or false.

First, let us get to know the reasons you must maintain your image even in online media. Just like how you keep your favorable and good reputation in-person, or when meeting with your clients and business partners face-to-face, it is also important to keep a good image online.

Businesses and brands with a good reputation online are more trusted, especially among individuals who refer to what other customers say about the company. If they see people are trusting the business, they are more likely to follow too. Without a good reputation online, it will be difficult and complicated to capture the target market even if you have fantastic products, services, and offers.


Your guide on how to remove a Google review

There are several ways on how you can remove a Google review that may tarnish your good image over the Internet. In this guide, you will get to know the pertinent guidelines on how to remove bad reviews written about your business.

Here is your step-by-step guide on how to remove Google review done for your business without further ado.

Deleting inappropriate reviews on Google

Not every customer can simply review your business the way they want it. There are reviews that are tagged inappropriate, and thus, should be deleted. They include spam, fake content, restricted content, off-topic posts, illegal content, and content that promotes terrorism. They also include sexually explicit content, offensive content, derogatory or dangerous content, impersonation, content that incites conflicted interests, and so much more.

There are three basic steps on how to remove them. First, the business owner may need to check the policies of Google. You have to be sure that you have the right to delete the said review or content. Then, it would help if you flag the reviews with your account. You will need to sign in to your Google account, navigate to the listing, locate the reviews, and so much more.

More often, it is Google that will take down the bad review. It takes days for them to flag the questionable review. You must be patient.

Asking the customer who reviewed to take down the Google review

The process of removing bad reviews on Google for your business will take a long time. Yet, removing negative reviews about your business is advantageous in the long term. Once you are successful, you can be able to keep your good reputation online.

The next option is to ask the customer who wrote the review to delete that review. Here are the steps.

First, you should be able to identify and name the problem of the customer they pointed out. For instance, you can write to them, “It seems you encountered a difficult time with the product you bought from us.”

Second, empathize with them and let them know you will likewise be dissatisfied given a similar situation. You can write to them, “We would be upset as well should this happen to us too.”

The process of removing a bad review also involves your guarantee you will get the issue fixed as soon as you can.

“We promise to make this right. Kindly let us know the perfect way to replace the item, and provide you with the better product,” you can write. 

Utilizing Twitter

Aside from the two steps you learned above, did you know you can also utilize Twitter to remove Google review? Social media has become a powerful and impactful medium for airing out your grievances, complaints, and more. They do not just apply to be able to remove Google reviews or request for removal.

You can tweet @GoogleSmallBiz or send them a direct message, letting them know of your dilemma.

If you have copies of the screenshots of the review, you can also send them via Twitter. They will help the Google admin to determine the problem and prepare the solution for your needs.

Filing the legal request for removal due to a bad review of your business

If the content is illegal, Google is present to get them removed. However, this only applies to specific cases.

To begin reporting the illegal review, go to the “Content Removal Tool.” Then, choose Google My Business. In these pages, Google will ask questions regarding your review. You should be able to provide your complaint about the particular content.

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