Guide On How To Delete A Google Review

One of the world’s leading and biggest technology companies, Google has been a partner for many businesses. Content like blogs, news articles, and even reviews from the customers of the business are posted here. However, there are times that Google may not work according to how you want. This is where the guide on how to delete a Google review introduces itself on the scene.

What are the steps on how to delete a Google review? You will find out in this piece.

How to delete a Google review is a frequent inquiry among businesses that garnered a negative review online. Especially with their listing on Google My Business. Negative reviews can lower down the number of customers getting interested in your business. It can tarnish your reputation online. When these negative reviews appear in Google search results, the customer may opt for your competitors instead of choosing to acquire your business’s services.

Step-By-Step Procedure On How To Delete A Google Review

Here Are The Review Violations Google Can Delete

Should your business acquire a bad review, you can be able to remove them. The algorithm on Google allows the review to get taken down, provided they fall under these categories.

They include spam and inauthentic content posted only to alter ratings. It also involves multiple posts, including those from various accounts. You can also be able to remove off-topic postings like personal rants or political commentary.

The entrepreneur may also remove the restricted content. It includes promoting gambling, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, adult services, guns, and so much more.

They may also remove content on illegal activities.

What are the rest of the content on Google you can remove? Content that promotes terrorism, sexually explicit content, offensive content, content that incites harassment, impersonation, and more can be removed. Dishonest and biased reviews are also allowed for removal.

How To Remove Negative Google Reviews For Your Business

You got to be thanking the stars since it is, indeed, possible to take down negative reviews written about your business.

First, you can respond to the person or affiliation that left the bad review. Talk to them about the negative review. Let them hear your side.

To respond to a negative review:

  1. Remember that you should still be able to respond with respect.
  2. Avoid getting too defensive.
  3. Avoid making the response very personal.
  4. Apologies are necessary, along with responding that you will address their grievances and make them right.

Remember to keep your response concise and according to point. You can also reach out to the reviewer privately, such as via text or email.

The Right Way To Respond To A Google Review

Previously, you learned snippets on how you can respond to a bad Google review. In this section, you will get to know the best ways you can send in your response.

1. First and foremost, it is vital to ensure you, the entrepreneur is able to claim the business listing. This means you are also Google-registered as the owner of the business. Doing so will provide you with access to the listing on the search results, enabling you to edit the information and respond to the negative reviews. You can claim the listing at and filling out your business details.

2. Secondly, sign into Google My Business. Select your location via the review you will respond to.

3. Thirdly, you will need to select “Reviews” from the menu. Click “Respond” beside the review you want to fix.

4. Finally, type in your response. Then, tap “Submit.”

There are also times you will need to flag the review. They constitute reviews that are inauthentic, inappropriate, or promote competitors. Google will review these for removal. But remember, reviews violating the policies of Google are those that will get removed.

To flag a review, simply sign in to Google My Business, choose the location, tap “Reviews” from the menu, look for the questionable review, then head over to the three-dotted feature to select “Flag as inappropriate.”

Coordinating With Google Support For Small Business

Business owners may also coordinate and contact Google’s small business support. You can get started by visiting Scroll through to tap “contact us.” Then, choose “customer reviews and photos.” Next up, click “manage customer reviews.” Choose whether you would like to receive the response via email, webchat, or phone.

Someone will get in touch with you regarding your report. Be sure you are able to explain your reasons why you should let you remove the review. You can also specify pointers of eligibility for removal.

Removing Negative Reviews At Google Local

There are several situations you can encounter when asking for the removal of the review. In this article, we present the most crucial ones.

Among these is removing bad reviews at Google Local. To do this, here are the steps.

1. Sign in to your account on Google.

2. Head over to Google Maps.

3. Locate your business.

4. Select to see reviews written for your business.

5. Choose All Reviews.

6. Once you see the review you will take down, simply hit the three-dotted feature you can see on the top right-hand side.

7. Tap “Flag as inappropriate.”

8. Then, fill out the “Report a Policy Violation” form.

9. Select “Submit.”

Representatives from Google will then reach out to you regarding the removal.

Removing Reviews At Google Maps

You can also take down negative reviews on Google Maps. Simply follow these easy steps.

1. Log in to your account on Google.

2. Proceed to Google Maps.

3. Tap the Menu located at the top left-hand side.

4. Choose Your Contributions.

5. Select Reviews.

6. Select More you can find next to the review you want deleted.

7. Select Delete, and follow their instructions on the platform.

Do your homework, and keep on reading more resources written about how to delete a Google review.

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