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About Us

Leak Content Removal is the World’s first female-led leaked content monitoring & removal company

Who Are We?

When your reputation is on the line, you can count on us to help restore your confidence and online image

Leak Content Removal is an online reputation management company that helps people to protect and defend their image online. Servicing clients from all around the globe, we offer our online reputation management services out of our Singapore office.

We are specialized in finding and takedown of leaked, private and intimate content that were shared online without consent for individuals.

We also provide takedown of negative reviews, DMCA takedown of stolen content and all other negative content for businesses.

Leak Content Removal assist individuals and businesses who have been victimized online to rebuild and restore their online reputation with our suite of powerful reputation management services.

Our Mission

We are result-driven and truly care for our clients

We understand how it feels to have stolen and negative content on the internet. We have seen clients who suffered from sleepless nights and loss of income as a result, hence we want to help you reclaim power over your image.

We protect and defend those who have been negatively impacted online to restore their confidence and online image while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.

Our Approach

A suite of powerful reputation management services

We employ the most extensive monitoring services combined with tried and tested takedown solutions to help individuals and businesses reclaim their reputation.

Unlike some companies who offers only monitoring over Google, our services include takedown of photos, videos, mentions, links, articles and negative reviews from blogs, forums, chat groups, a list of other search engines, related sites, and more.

Here are some of our client testimonials

Names have been changed to protect their privacy.
"When I first found compromised videos of myself online, I was devastated and spent many hours searching online, couldn't focus on my work. Leak Content Removal has helped me to find and takedown these videos so that I can finally get some rest and peace. Thank you!"
"As an Instagram Influencer, my online reputation is crucial for my business success. One of my ex-boyfriend leaked private photos of us on the internet and caused me a lot of stress and clients. Luckily I found Leak Content Removal and they managed to remove everything quickly. Highly recommended!"
"David’s phone got hacked and someone leaked our private photos all over the internet. He wanted to protect my reputation and was worried for me, and found Leak Content Removal to assist us. We felt comfortable as we were working with a lady from the company who made us feel at ease."
Melissa & David
"After spending many sleepless nights searching for leaked private photos of myself online, I decided to find a company to help. Contacted a few companies, and I was immediately drawn to how extensive the work is included and how responsive they are. I highly recommend Leak Content Removal!"
"I am a business owner and found out that some of my competitors have posted fake and negative reviews on Google and other sites. Leak Content Removal helped me to remove them quickly and effectively. I am very happy with their service. Thank you so much!"

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